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Rainier Mamangun; Family Law; English & Tagolog; Pasig City, Philippines 0 5 0 0

Rainier Mamangun; Family Law; English & Tagolog; Pasig City, Philippines

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Atty. Rainier Mamangun’s expertise in family law and domestic relations covers representation and advisory services in annulment, declaration of nullity of marriage, recognition of foreign divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, adoption, and domestic abuse cases, among others. For almost two decades, he has worked on over 300 family law-related cases.  Prior to establishing the Firm in 2004, Atty. Rainier Mamangun was a lawyer for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) where he worked on labor, civil, and criminal cases involving migrant workers and overseas Filipinos in distress in coordination with Philippine Embassies and Consulates. He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Political Science and is a member of the Fraternal Order of Utopia based in Ateneo Law.

His Law Firm has been in existence for 18 years having been established in 2004.  It has handled thousands of cases in various areas of the law.  His team of lawyers, paralegals, interns, and support staff are properly trained, skilled in their line of work, and are dedicated to their craft. Coming from various fields of expertise, the Firm harnesses its people’s  individual strengths and utilizes them to the fullest in the pursuit of the client’s cause.

You are not just “another” client of the Firm.  Embedded in the Firm’s culture is the genuine concern for the client. Thus, it tailor fits its actions to respond to the client’s specific needs. Given the pandemic and its impact on people’s finances, the Firm understands the need for  reasonable rates while maintaining the quality of service that it provides.

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