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Hila Nadler; Commercial Law; English & Hebrew; Givataim, Israel 0 5 0 0

Hila Nadler; Commercial Law; English & Hebrew; Givataim, Israel

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Hila Nadler; Commercial Law; English & Hebrew; Givataim, Israel

Commercial Law – The firm advises clients on a daily basis in all areas of commercial law and provides solutions to several Israeli and international bodies.

The firm provides legal advice in negotiations and drafting of commercial contracts (domestic and international), of various types, including licensing agreements, development, agency and distribution, joint ventures, agreements, outsourcing, licensing, OEM, sale and purchase agreements and other agreements.

In addition, the firm provides consulting services to foreign companies in all commercial aspects related to their activities in Israel, including with regard to the structure and form of incorporation, adapting international procedures to the Israeli market, hiring and rewarding employees, employee stock option plans (ESOP) etc.

Hi-Tech – The firm represents local and international hi-tech clients and provides them with ongoing legal advice, in various areas such as software, Internet, biotech, life sciences, medical devices and cleantech.

In addition, the firm represents buyers and purchasers in M & A transactions commencing due diligence (DD) and until completion of the transaction. In addition, the firm supports its clients in negotiating agreements in connection with various types of transaction, including license and franchise agreements, joint ventures, partnership agreements, distribution agreements, clinical trials, medical products, development and licensing of drugs, medical equipment and more.

Real Estate – The firm advises clients regularly on all aspects of real estate transactions in the area of ​​private and commercial, in Israel and abroad, including transactions of purchase and sale of assets; lease agreements; “combination” transactions; financing agreements; property management agreements, partnership and joint ownership; projects under the programs “Tama 38” and more.

The firm advises on all stages of real estate property transactions, from the stages of due diligence prior to acquisition, negotiation, actual acquisition and closing.

Wills & Estates – The firm provides consulting services to its customers in Israel and abroad, in terms of managing family wealth and assets and transferring them to future generations while dealing with the possible effect of the deaths, divorces, conflicts within the family etc.

The firm deals with, among other things, the preparation of wills of various kinds, both those governing the distribution of assets to the family immediately after death and the realization of the will, and those that include mechanisms for distribution, control, prioritization and options – that unfold over time after death and regulate gradually the division of assets in accordance with the milestones set by the deceased in his will.

Mediation – Firm assists clients in all areas of commercial law, settle disputes in alternative ways to save costs and avoid harm of business that may be caused by long and publicized litigation.

The mediation process is suitable for resolving disputes between business entities and inner-company disputed such as disputes between shareholders, dissolution of partnerships, disputes between customer and supplier, disputes as to contracts etc.

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