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Domenico Damiani; Business Law; English & Italian; Rome, Italy 0 5 0 0

Domenico Damiani; Business Law; English & Italian; Rome, Italy

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Damiani&Damiani International law firm & services is proud to launch a cutting-edge model to provide legal assistance, within the highest standards with the consultancy of great global lawyers. Using the most modern technology and innovative expertise, the international law legal firm Damiani&Damiani oversteps the boundaries of territoriality, creating a multi-national network of lawyers. In 2017, we will be able to deal with national and International legal matters at the fastest pace.

Damiani&Damiani is an over-40-year-experienced Italian law firm. We personally faced the development of legal framework and followed the transition from local to common markets. In the latest ‘90s we experienced the Italian companies’ need of modernising, to remain competitive in the market. In the new century we advised individuals to become fully aware of their rights as Italian and European Citizens.

We now decided to merge our experience, ability to self-improve and network, to restyle and open 8 new legal departments, ready to face all the legal challenges arising from the worldwide innovations. Damiani&Damiani International law firm & services has the mission to assist individuals and established companies in Italy and from the world. We will help small-medium enterprises (SME) to ensure their endurance in the Italian and International markets with follow the business laws internatonal trade law firm

We offer legal assistance for the internationalisation of companies, brands and products and we guarantee their legal protection in the Italian and global market. We support clients’ regulatory compliance, defend their commercial property rights and claim frauds and infringements. We draft Italian and International private & commercial contracts and we represent our clients in civil and criminal venues. We prevent our clients from insolvency and we manage business crisis.

Damiani&Damiani International law firm & services represents the lawyer excellence, at the forefront of the new generation of laws. We aim at becoming the Italian trustful point of reference for people, entrepreneurs and firms, who have legal interests in Italy, and from Italy to the world.

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The Italian government is financing the digitalization of start-ups and the company 4.0. The digital company is equipped with tools for the dematerialization of business documents, to issue electronic invoices, to digitize business processes. The funding provided by the Italian government for the digitalization of start-ups and companies 4.0 With the 2019 Budget Law, the Government has decided to increase funding for the digitization of Italian companies and to strengthen as follows: the industry process 4.0; innovative startups; machine learning. It has also changed the way in which financial resources are supplied to companies for digital technologies and artificial intelligence. The contribution will be paid in a single installment; it has increased funding for industry 4.0, research and development from 2 to 4 million euros. it has increased the tax depreciation threshold. Companies will be able to commit 130% of the sums due to pay taxes to the State to start the process of digitalisation of the company and to acquire new digital skills; it has increased the allocation of funds up to 100 million euros for projects called “New zero-rate business”; it has amended the “Smart & Start” law dedicated to innovative Start-Ups, to make the digital and technological transformation of the various production phases of small and medium enterprises easier. Patent box and sales on e-Commerce web platforms. The electronic invoice with San Marino The Italian government has also simplified what it takes to obtain the Patent Box, a new income tax regime derived from the use of software protected by copyright and industrial patents owned by the company. The simplification of the patent box relates to the compliance of the contributing companies, directly in the tax return. Thus, both the economic burdens and the waiting times for tax payers are reduced. The government has introduced a dedicated network to monitor incentives and corporate financing activities. The government has also decided to support the sales of companies on digital platforms with the simplification of the procedures for withholding tax up to € 58.5 million per year. Finally, the electronic invoicing obligation was also extended to all commercial contracts stipulated with companies based in San Marino. The main tools to digitize start-up and business Management softwares The first of the tools to digitize the business are the management softwares. A management software is developed to automate production processes, reduce production times and errors. Website The website is the most suitable tool to reach market shares far from the company headquarters, to increase leads, to acquire new customers, to increase sales, to increase the brand’s reputation and visibility. Cloud The cloud is a very useful online service for the company. It is used to store all kinds of documents and data online on remote servers. The data and documents stored can be consulted from any device and from any place at any time. The most common and widespread cloud services are DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive. These services have a free version with limited storage space, which can be extended for a fee with unlimited storage space. e-Commerce According to statistical data, 7 out of 10 young people intend to set up a business, but only 50% of them plan to do so with an e-commerce. However, e-commerce allows them to start an activity, with lower operational costs, compared to a physical store. With digitization, the company can reach and maintain a high level of competitiveness with respect to the competition.

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