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Michael Crawford; Immigration Law; English; San Rafael, California, USA 0 5 0 0

Michael Crawford; Immigration Law; English; San Rafael, California, USA

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Michael Crawford began his career as a lawyer by working to defend insurance companies. That work, however stimulating it might have been intellectually, was not something that filled him with any sense of pride. He started in Immigration law because he was tired of using my law degree for something that did not make a difference in the lives of others. Having grown up in the Southwest and having lived in the incredibly diverse Bay Area, he had become familiar with the struggles of many immigrant families and the positive effects that immigration could have on a community, both culturally and economically. He decided that he wanted to use my education and legal experience to help people by assisting them in navigating the system of US Immigration Law so that families could be brought together and whole communities could thereby be improved.

This firm is a new venture that sees its clients for what they are: people. They are people with their own lives and families. The mission of this firm is, to whatever extent possible, to fit the process of immigrating to the United States around the lives of its clients and their loved ones. In order to do this, any consultation would need to involve a meeting with all parties involved. This is beyond a 15-minute commitment. Scheduling a consultation gives us a chance to learn where you have been and who you are now so we can get you to where you want to go.

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