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Marc De Block; Business Law; English & French; Antwerpen, Belgium 0 5 0 0

Marc De Block; Business Law; English & French; Antwerpen, Belgium

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The law firm DEBLOCK exists since 1986.

There is a strong international presence by working with clients on complex cross-border problems, but we work just as much around the corner. The size of the case is irrelevant for our efforts.

You can expect excellent legal solutions for all your legal problems. The interest of the client stands central and we still use common sense as a basic guideline in finding your best solutions.

We are mainly engaged in domestic and international commercial law and all aspects of solving cross-border disputes, be it through mediation, arbitration or litigation, in all regions of the world and in the most diverse regions of commercial law, be it as plaintiff or defendant.

We have experience of working worldwide and have done hundreds of cross-border litigations, in New York, Dubai, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India and obviously all parts of Europe.

In short, we provide the solutions others may overlook.

Throughout the years we have built our practice around bringing a personalized approach and to provide tangible added value to the client.

We attach great importance to an open and pleasant working atmosphere.

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