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Lauren Levin, Immigration Law, English, Sydney, Australia and Atlanta, USA 0 5 0 0

Lauren Levin, Immigration Law, English, Sydney, Australia and Atlanta, USA

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With nearly 30 years of experience practicing law, Lauren is a noted authority, frequently invited guest speaker, and recognized media expert in explaining and comparing US and Australian immigration law and procedures. Over the course of her career, Lauren has advised a wide range of clients including Fortune 10 senior executives, entrepreneurs starting new companies, corporate personnel from small and medium-sized enterprises, leading entertainment and sports professionals, families separated from spouses and children, and individuals rendered inadmissible based on criminal offenses.

An Atlanta native, Lauren earned her Australian Citizenship as a migrant. In addition to Atlanta and Sydney, Lauren has previously resided in Boston, London, New Orleans, New York City, Strasbourg, and Washington DC. Her peripatetic career has enabled her to develop a strong global and professional network to assist Levin Immigration Law in particular areas of expertise as needed.

Prior to forming Levin Immigration Law–initially in Sydney and then Atlanta–Lauren launched and developed a successful Sydney-based US immigration law practice for the world’s leading global corporate immigration law form. In 2005, Lauren was the only US immigration attorney based in Australia when the Australian Professional Worker (“E-3”) visa category was created. She has extensive experience in handling E-3 visas and an expertise in the nuances, eligibility requirements, and current trends in consular processing. Lauren specializes in immigration to Australia and to the United States.

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