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Hans C. Steenstrup, Business law, English & Norwegian, Oslo, Norway 0 5 0 0

Hans C. Steenstrup, Business law, English & Norwegian, Oslo, Norway

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Advokat (H) Hans Chr. Steenstrup (Attorney-at-law)

Advokat (H) Hans Chr. Steenstrup, admitted to appear before all courts of Norway including the Supreme Court (H), provides legal advice and representation in Oslo, Norway within the civil law fields with special emphasis on business-related questions for smaller and medium-sized companies and entities, including company and corporate law, board representation for foreign entities in affiliated companies in Norway, contract law, trademarks and industrial property rights, distribution and agency law, collection and insolvency. The advice comprises also questions related to family, inheritance and probation law, employment law, real estate, tort and compensation law, and litigation in all courts of Norway.

By being a partner in an existing Norwegian law firm, Hartsang Advokatfirma DA (formerly Seim-Haugen, Steenstrup & Co. Advokatfirma DA),, which is a member of an international group of law firms, Euro-American Lawyers Group,, advokat Steenstrup will also be able to handle international, larger and more complex cases in a professional and effective way.  Advokat Steenstrup is a member of the Management Committee and acting Trustee of EALG.  Hartsang Advokatfirma DA share offices with Wahl-Larsen Advokatfirma DA, which gives the firm the necessary capacity to represent clients in more complex and manpower requiring cases.

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