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AM Law Firm, Yerevan, Armenia

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“AM” law firm offers the following legal services:

Legal consultation: Consultation on the ongoing legal issues related to the activity of Client, provision of legal opinions.

Legal Due Diligence:  Legal examination of the documents related to the activity of the Client (due diligence), which includes examination of the agreements and other legal documents, concluded by the Client, provision of consultation regarding the solution of the revealed problems in the result of examination.

Agreements:  Formation of drafts of agreements signed by the Client, provision of consultancy to the Client in connection with it, legal expertise of concluded agreements, formation of amendments and conducting negotiations.

Preparation of legal documents:  Preparation and expertise of the legal documents (applications, appeals, queries), formation and expertise of drafts of internal legal acts, as well as provision of consultation to the Client in connection with it.

Formation of work packages:  Formulation of labor relations, formation of agreements, orders, disciplinary rules and other labor documents.

Corporate formulations: Formation of the documents required for state registration of legal entities and their amendments, formulation of changes of shareholders, participants, assistance in restoration of violated rights, preparation of documents regarding the corporate governance and provision of consultation.

Problems and transactions related to property:  Support to the process of signature of the agreements related to the real and movable property and to the process of state registration of  rights arising from these, legal support to the process of purchase of property.

Tax and customs issues:  Representation in relations with customs and tax bodies, appeal of customs and tax bodies’ decisions, actions and inaction, including appeal of administrative acts on fines and penalties via administrative and judicial proceedings, revelation and evaluation of tax risks and proposal of favorable legal settlement.

Intellectual property and  business reputation: Protection of intellectual property, registration of trademarks and industrial design, protection of honor, dignity and legal reputation.

Representation in administrative bodies: Representation of the Client’s interests (legal representation) in state and self-governance bodies, preparation of the documents and representation in the frames of administrative proceedings, acquisition of licenses, permissions, consents.

Court Representation: Judicial representation by civil, administrative and criminal cases in the courts of all instances, as well as during pre-trial proceedings, preparation of claims, responses to the claims, counter-claims, appeals, motions and other judicial documents.

Confiscation of debts: Complex services of confiscation of debts of the Client, application of the model of confiscation through representation of  extrajudicial demands, as well, as through judicial confiscations, representation in compulsory enforcement service.

Representation on criminal cases:  Defense of interests of the suspect, accused, civil plaintiff and victim, during criminal proceedings, attorney representation during the trial and pre-trial proceedings.

Mediation and arbitrage: Qualified Mediator services, provision of consultation regarding conciliation (mediation) process, representation in arbitration proceedings, consultation on the implementation of decisions and arbitration procedure.

Legal issues abroad:  Complex legal services through our partners abroad, establishment of legal entities, disputes resolution, consultancy on agreements and legislation in international private sector, international recognition and enforcement of court decisions.  The Company has partners in Georgia, Iran, also in Russia, in several countries of Europe and in USA.


Other services

In addition to the legal services “AM” law firm also offers business consultancy  with the help of which it will be possible to increase the efficiency and profitability of company’s management. Related to the tax issues the Services also include the consultancy from a specialized firm “AM Tax and Accounting”.

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