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Zeljko Kuvizic; General Law Practice; English & Serbian; Novi Sad, Serbia

Maksima Gorkog 6/6, 1st floor 2100 Novi…
We represent variety of businesses, domestic and foreign, as well as individuals with their legal needs in Serbia, so you can entrust… Read More »

Veljko Veličković; Real Estate & Business Law; Serbian; Belgrade, Serbia

Ресавска, Београд 11000, Србија
Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Labour Law, Real Estate Law, & Debt collection. Read More »

DRAGANA DJORDJEVIC Law Office, Business Law, English & Serbian, Beograd, Serbia

Ljermontova 19, Beograd, Srbija
The seat of my law office is in capital of Serbia (former Yugoslavia), Belgrade. If you need assistance in Serbia, feel free… Read More »

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