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Maitre ANCEL Bruno, droit de la famille; French; Family Law; Paris, France 0 5 0 0

Maitre ANCEL Bruno, droit de la famille; French; Family Law; Paris, France

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Maitre ANCEL Bruno, droit de la famille; French; Family Law; Paris, France

Maître ANCEL has a double degree,both in university and in business school ( Master in international management of assets ) He’s graduated from the training school of the Bar of PARIS.

This training, both theoretical and practical, makes  Maitre ANCEL sensitive to family law matters and has developed his sense of negotiation. Allowing him to obtain substantial revisions upward or downward concerning the amount of child support and spousal support.

His strong academic base and his commercial grounding give him a good understanding and analysis in family law.

Sense of justice and duty led your lawyer to put his talents as a litigant and jurist to serve others. Endorsed by its peers, Maître ANCEL intervenes in differents areas.

Quickly, Maitre ANCEL became interested in issues concerning people ‘s rights  (divorce request to fix the terms of parental rights, paternity suit, name change ).

Maitre ANCEL strongly believes that divorce is about the future, not the past. As a consequence, he will help you to make a new start in life ont the best possible terms.

Professional practice of the firm ANCEL is based on two levers:

– continuing education : assistance in numerous seminars, conferences, seminars, colloquium
– The use of a powerful documentation that allows him to make precise and quality work.

What makes our law firm unique is a combination of three elements ( the three S) :

  •  Strengh
  •  Sensitivity to the client ‘s need
  •  Stragtegy

The assets of the firm

  •  A reasonable price
  •  A personalized approach. You will not be considered as a number, but rather as a whole person whose file deserves attention and diligence.

No matter what your case involves,you can be confident that  it will be thoroughly analyzed and you will be advised on the best strategy and course of action.

Your lawyer will strive to act with conscience, dignity, integrity and humanity, as many essential principles of our practice.

His priority : your case. Dedication and personal commitment are the hallmarks of the ANCEL firm.

Your counsel will advise you in detail of your rights and obligations regarding family law matters based on the most recent case law and on all legislation in force.

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